Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Video project

Hey noOR-volunteers,

some information about the video project:

We decided to make a video about OUR EVS! This project is not just for Noémie, Nano and me. So please let us know who wanna join us until the 30th of November!!!
We wanna do a movie about our EVS life. For us is clear that it cannot be a real profession movie but we wanna try our best ;). That means each participant has to shot parts of her/his EVS time. This can be special moments or the usual life in Estonia (work and free time). In the end we will bring all shots in a nice and interesting way together. Everybody is free in doing her/his shots. It can be with or without explanations. Most of us have an own camera which should be use for that.
-          for fun
-          to do something together
-          to have a memory on our EVS time
-          for newcomers
For whom?:
participants: noOR volunteers
audience: everybody (that means for old and new volunteers; for sending, hosting and co-organisations; for families, friends, people who are just interested in and ofc for ourselves)

-          Start: December 2011
-          first meeting with all participants between 1. - 4. December 2011 in Tallinn
-          shooting from December 2011 until February 2012
-          cutting and editing March 2012
-          Final: end of March 2012

So guys, don´t forget to contact us!!!

Have a great time!


performance project

Hi guys!
Hope you are all doing well!

So, in name of the performance group, We want to share with you what we discuss about this new project.

We want to start very soon to create a performance for which we still don't have a theme. Our idea is to get to know who wants to participate and find a date to have a big meeting - brainstorm - workshop. This means in this date we will be together for some hours sharing theatre exercises to get to now each other and to find the lines of our performance. The proccess will be probably that we arrive, we do maybe some ice-breaker games just to warm-up; after we brain-storm about a theme and we decide this; and then we start improvisating all together about this theme. At the end, hopefully we will have a lot of material to start working at.
For this first meeting everybody should participate the same way, everybody share ideas and exercises from his/her own country and experiences, and everybody improvise in a relaxed way. For the meetings after this one, we will have already different roles, some will act, some will find clothes, some will produce and find the places where to present our performance, etc.. So, we need to know what exacly each one of you would like to do, which kind of contribution.
The only thing we know already more concrete is that we would like to make a performance for adults as most of us are used to work with children and we would like to do something different and in this way more challenging.
Let us know your opinions, suggestions, wishes and disponibility for the first meeting!:) Keep in mind that it would be great to have the first meeting in this 30 days counting from today on. So, first meeting before christmas!!
Other thing, please speak with the volunteers you know from other organisations and put here in the blog the names and contacts of who wants to participate, as soon as possible!

Coordenators of performance group - Salomé, Helena and Inês

Monday, November 7, 2011

local project: competition in youth centres

okay, I will do the beginning, as I will forget it when I don't post it right now into the blog ;)

what? fotography or video competition about a specific theme

how? youngsters in youth centres can do it on there own or better in small groups and send it in, we will have to promote it in the youth centres we work in, but also inform other youth centres where no volunteer works. At the end we want to have a event, where we have an exhibition of the works, give prizes to the winners and have a little party together

for whom? youngsters who come to youth centres

why? to connect the youth centres, have some fun and a reason to do something else in the youth centre, motivate youngsters to use their creativity

when? 2012?

have a nice week, kathrin

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Germany meets Estonia by Lena

Thinking in german, speaking in english & estonian surrounds you I am sitting here at the “office” of the Youth Centre of Keila. Kristi is sitting on her chair and does some work at the PC. Triin just left the room for a moment. She had the great idea and a task for me: to write something about my first impressions and about the Youth Centre. 
So, I decided to begin right now with “my story”:
It is cloudy outside. But there is no big difference between the actual weather here in Estonia and in Germany. When I arrived in Tallinn 10 days ago the sun was shining the whole day and the people were smiling everywhere you went. It seems like they just enjoyed the last sunny days before the winter would come quickly and would stay for some long months. I came into a flat, where some other volunteers were waiting... waiting on something... no one of us exactly knew, on what he or she was waiting. But the girls that were in the flat could already settle in the rooms, in which they are going to stay the whole months. In contrast I did not really know what to do. It was not my flat; I just... be continued HERE!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

what's up?

1. Sitting at my desk in my colourful flat :)
2. Waiting that I will be picked up by my neighbours to make a little trip to their house in the countryside!
3. It's really colourful, and it's my little place, I can look out of the window, see the blue sky and watching the children playing on the playground, loughing and just enjoying life :D
4. It's very cold inside here as the heating isn't working yet :(
 that's why I want to go outside into the sun!!
5. when I was in sauna with estonian youth workers on a trip in southern estonia, they asked me how we call it in german when you throw the water on the hot stones, but I could't answer this question as I go never to sauna. The next question was: " How do you wash in Germany?"

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Alive in Tallinn...

Hello dear ladies and gentlemen, my fellow volunteers, honorable mentors, tutors and coordinators,

My name is Thomas Pinakas and I come originally from the city of Thessaloniki, region of Makedonia in Northern Greece. I reside in Tallinn in the legendary neighborhood of Mustamäe, a neighborhood which according to rumours has produced heroes, great politicians and famous artists.

I am currently working as a volunteer at Käo Päevakeskus in Tallinn, a centre for young adults and children with people with mental disabilities. The phasma of the main activities of the centre consists of Vocational education, Day care service, Social rehabilitation service, Counselling, Short term care.

I am really excited to be in Estonia since it is a country with an unparallel beauty, history and culture. Moreover, the organization I am working for gives me an additional motivation due to its harmonical and modern way of function.Until now almost all function with harmony and creativity and I am sure that in the same way we will continue...

I hope that great moments are coming for all of us and I am ready and eager to taste the real essence of these my fellow comrades enjoy every moment with passion, emotions but also logic.

For more information about me, my past, my present, my future or my experiences, please feel free to find me in my office, my appartment or during the parties!